United States Embassy in Yaounde: Cameroon

General information
If you are planning a journey to the USA, the best place to get proper information is the embassy of the United States in Cameroon.

This US government structure has main purpose to offer services to all the people who require them.

One of the main services you must use for a journey to the USA is visa issuing.

The visa is a document issued by the US embassy in Yaoundé, Cameroon. This document may only be issued by an authorized counselor officer who will decide whether the applicant meets certain set qualifications by the US laws. However with visa issued by the US embassy in Cameroon you are allowed only to get to one of the points of entry in US.

Difference between visa types
There are 2 main types of visas:

  • Immigrant visas (grants their owner rights to permanently reside in the US)
  • Non-immigrant visas (grants their owner temporarily rights to reside in the US)

However getting an immigrant visa is quite difficult and for that reason the US government offers a lottery for all the people who want such visa. The winners are chosen randomly and each one of them gets immigrant visa.

Important visa requirements
However there are some set procedures when applying for visa in the US embassy in Yaoundé, Cameroon:

  • The applicant must first fill the Electronic Visa Application Form
  • The applicant must schedule a meeting with a counselor officer
  • The applicant must be present in person at the meeting
  • The applicant must pay visa fee

For more information we advise you to visit the US embassy in Cameroon.