United States Embassy in Warsaw: Poland

Trying to reach the United States, here are some things you must know

Getting the proper information
There is only one place, where you can get proper information, when it comes to the current immigration laws and regulations of the United States and it is the US embassy in Warsaw, Poland.

Getting the proper documentation
One of the services offered by the embassy of the United States in Poland is document issuing.

The documents needed to enter the US are also issued in the US embassy in Warsaw, Poland and are called visas.

Here are dome facts that you must know about visas
The first thing you must most certainly know about visas issued by the US embassy in Poland is that they are separated into 2 types called immigrant and non-immigrant.

The main difference between those types is that the immigrant visa will allow you permanently reside in US and this visa is mainly issued for the people are planning to stay for very long period of time may be for work.

On the other hand non-immigrant visa only to temporarily reside in the US and this visa is for the people who want to stay for very short period of time maybe for vacation or any other thing. Applying for both this type of visa is very simple, if you have some of your relatives or friends already residing in US for very long period of time.

The second important thing you must know is that the visa issued in the US embassy in Poland will allow you to only to get to one of the entry points in the US, which means for example airports and harbors.

There you will meet with an officer from the department of Homeland Security that will decide if you are suitable to reside in the United States. For more information about visas, please get in touch with the US embassy in Warsaw, Poland.