United States Embassy in Rome: Italy

General information about the US embassy in Rome, Italy
In the US embassy in Italy, you can get all the information you require regarding the current US laws and regulations.

Also after a scheduled meeting with a counselor officer in the embassy of the United States in Italy and if you meet all of the required qualifications, you can get visa issued.

Getting the visa from Europe is not very difficult for USA but still there are certain procedures in place, which are very important.
What type of document is visa?
The visa is a written permission, which allows you to enter and reside in the US (only if you meet all of the requirements set by the US immigrations laws). Good to know is that you will meet an officer from the Department of Homeland Security, when you arrive in the US, who will decide if you are suitable to reside in the US. You need to meet certain criteria so that you will be allowed a visit usa and reside in their country.

Visa types
Mainly the visas can be separated into 2 main types issued by the US embassy in Italy - immigrant and non-immigrant. The immigrant visas allow you to reside in the US permanently and can be issued as a reward from taking part in a lottery game organized by the US government.

The non-immigrant visas on the other hand will allow you to reside temporarily in the US. However in the US embassy in Rome, Italy there is the Visa Waiver Program, which allows Italian citizens to reside in the US without a visa for no more than 90 days.

If you need more information about visas, contact the US embassy in Rome, Italy. You can also find out more information on this topic on the Internet.