United States Embassy in Monrovia: Liberia

Information about the services provided by the US embassy in Liberia
The US embassy in Liberia is located in Monrovia. There every person who requires information about the current US immigrant laws and regulations can receive it.

Also the US embassy in Monrovia, Liberia offers to get visa issued.

What does visa mean exactly?
The visa is written permission, which will allow its owner to enter the US. This means, that you are allowed to get to one of the entry points there, such as airports and harbors.

You need to remember one very important thing that without proper document and visa papers you are not allowed to enter US. Without visa and other document your entry is restricted on the airport itself, so it is good to have all right paper and documents before entering US.

Good to know about visas
The visa can be issued only by a counselor officer in embassy of the United States in Liberia, only if the visa applicant meets all of the qualifications, set by the US immigrant laws. The visas can be separated into 2 main types.

The first is the immigrant visa, which will allow you to reside in the US permanently and for the people who are staying there for longer period of time. Some of the requirements for such visa is that the applicant must have relatives who are US citizens or the applicant must have employer in the US, who is ready to apply on his or hers behalf.

The second visa type is the non-immigrant visa, allowing its owner to temporarily reside in the US. First thing you need to do to get visa issued is to fill in the Electronic Visa Application Form and pay a visa issuing fee of $131.

The second thing you need to do is schedule an appointment with the counselor officer who will get your visa issued. This task is very easy, if you have someone already residing in US for little longer period of time. For more information about visas and all the requirements, contact the US embassy in Monrovia, Liberia.