United States Embassy in Mexico City: Mexico

Why is USA so attractive to Mexican people?
The United States has been always attractive destination to all the people who live in Mexico.

The main reason for that fact is that in the US it is easier to get a job and a decent ling status, compared to those points in Mexico.

However not all of the Mexican citizens want to immigrate legally and that is the reason why US authorities are more cautious to such visa applicants.

Where to get properly informed?
If you want to receive all the information regarding the current US immigration laws and regulations, please visit the US embassy in Mexico.

There if you meet all of the qualifications set, you will get visa issued.

Visa information
The visa is a document, allowing you to enter the boundaries of the United States. After getting to one of the entry points in the US, you will meet an officer who will decide if you meet all of the legal requirements to reside in there.

Visas are only issued after a scheduled meeting with a counselor officer in the embassy of the United States in Mexico, also the applicant must have filed in the Electronic Visa Application Form and paid the visa issuing fee.

There are 2 main types of visas that you can get issued in the US embassy in Mexico City, Mexico. The first visa type is called immigrant visa and will allow you tohave permanent rights to reside in the US.

If you apply for such visa make sure that you have relatives, who are US citizens or an employer in the US, who is ready to apply on your behalf. The second type of visas are called non-immigrant and will give you temporary rights to reside in the US.

Such visas are given for example to people who will go on business or medical trips for example. To get all of the information there is about visa issuing and procedures, contact the US embassy in Mexico City, Mexico.