United States Embassy in Manama: Bahrain

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General information about the US embassy in Bahrain
The US embassy in Bahrain is located in the city of Manama. This city is Bahrain’s capitol.

The embassy’s main purpose is to provide certain services and information to US citizens living in Bahrain and also to all of the people who are interested.

Information offered by the United States embassy in Bahrain
The embassy of the United States in Bahrain offers information for travelers (country history, top tourist destinations and documentation required to visit Bahrain), voting instructions (what to know when you want to vote in Bahrain), passport information and issuing and information regarding report of birth and death abroad. Also very important service offered by the US embassy in Bahrain is visa issuing.

 Visa types and information
Mainly there are 2 types of visas that can be issued by the US embassy in Manama, Bahrain:

  • Non-immigrant visas (such visas are issued only for a temporary stay. For example for students, business and medical trips)
  • Immigrant visas (such visas allow its owner to permanently reside in the United States)

Important to know is that he visas are issued only if the applicant meets certain qualifications. Those qualifications are set and after they are met by the applicant, a counselor officer issues a visa. However this document allows its owner to get to the point of entry of the United States, where another officer will decide whether the visa owner may enter the United States.