United States Embassy in Kingston: Jamaica

US embassy in Kingston, Jamaica
The US embassy in Jamaica can offer you all the information regarding visas and about all the requirements set by the US immigration laws.

Also the embassy of the United States in Jamaica can get your visa issued, only if you meet all of the qualifications for it and also remember that first you must schedule an appointment with a counselor officer there.

It is very important that you know the laws well, as based on it you are issued the visa and if you only meet the criteria set by the country then.

Visa purpose
The visa’s main purpose is to allow its owner to enter the United States. When entering for example at the airport, you must meet an officer from the Department of Homeland Security. This officer will decide if you meet all of the legal requirements to reside in the US.

Important to know about visas
The visas issued by the US embassy in Kingston, Jamaica are from 2 main categories - immigrant and non-immigrant. The difference between them is that the immigrant visas will allow you to permanently reside in the US and the non-immigrant will allow you to temporarily reside in the US.

The immigrant visas are also given away in a special lottery game organized by the US government. If you are interested in getting more information regarding the current US immigration laws and regulations, please contact the US embassy in Kingston, Jamaica.

It is important that you are able to know the rules well as it the rules are clear then there will be no problem in getting the visa. The rules are different for each country and hence you need to keep in mind about all these things before applying for the same.