United States Embassy in Kampala: Uganda

The only place where visa is issued
Nowadays there are many people and organizations that offer visa issuing . Remember that the visa is issued only in the embassy of the United States in Uganda.

There is also information about the current US immigration laws and regulations available. And you can the information right there on their official website.

Choose the best type of visa for you
There are 2 types of visas that are issued by the US embassy in Kampala, Uganda.

The first type of visas are the immigrant visa will allow you permanently reside in US and this visa is mainly issued for the people are planning to stay for very long period of time may be for work.

On the other hand non-immigrant visa only to temporarily reside in the US and this visa is for the people who want to stay for very short period of time maybe for vacation or any other thing. Applying for both this type of visa is very simple, if you have some of your relatives or friends already residing in US for very long period of time, which give their owners the rights to become temporary residents of the USA.

What are the general requirements that person must meet to get visa issued?
There are some requirements that the person is necessary to meet in order to get visa issued by the US embassy in Kampala, Uganda and if the person doesn’t meet them he or she will be unable to get visa issued. The requirements are as follows:

  • The person must not have any communicable diseases
  • The person must not have committed any serious criminal offences
  • The person must not be on drugs
For more information about the current requirements for visa issuing visit the US embassy in Uganda.