United States Embassy in Jordan: Amman

US embassy in Amman, Jordan
As in all over the world, the only place where you can get proper information about the US immigration laws is the embassy of the United States in Jordan. In this US authority you can get also visa issued.

Visa definition
The visa is a document allowing its owner to enter and if he or she meets all of the legal qualifications needed to reside in the United States and also you must know that this document is issued only by a counselor officer in the US embassy in Amman, Jordan and if the applicant meets all of the set requirements of US immigrant laws.

Important to know about visas

The visas issued by the US embassy in Jordan can be separated into two types. The first one of them is the immigrant visas and second visa type is the non-immigrant visas. The immigrant visa will allow you to reside in the US permanently, and this type of visa if for the people who to visit US for longer period of time, for work or any other thing.

On the other hand is non-immigrant visa and this type of visa allows you to reside in the US temporarily and this type of visa is for the people who want to stay for not very long period. Remember that if you want to get visa issued, first you need to fill in the Electronic Visa Application Form and pay a visa issuing fee of $131.

After that you must schedule an appointment with a counselor officer at the embassy and the last thing you need to do if approved for visa is to make sure, that the visa will be delivered to you. For more information regarding visa issuing and requirements visit the US embassy in Jordan.