United States Embassy in Islamabad: Pakistan

If you are living in Pakistan and you are planning to move to the US here are some things you should know

Why does the United States seem so attractive?
The current economical situation of the United States is known to be one of the most advanced in our modern world and for that reason the US have developed certain laws that concern the immigrants.

You need information about the US immigrant laws! Where you can get it?
The only place where you can get proper information about the US immigrant laws is the embassy of the United States in Islamabad, Pakistan. The main purpose of this US government authority is to provide information and documents to all of the people interested in going to the United States.
What are the documents you need to go to the US and what are types and requirements for them?

The document that will grant you with the rights to enter the territory of the US is called visa. Visa is issued by a counselor officer in the embassy of the United States in Pakistan. There you must schedule an appointment with the officer and you must make sure that you meet all of the requirements for visa issuing.

The visas are categorized into 2 types, depending on the time you plan to spend in the US. If you are planning to just travel in the United States, you must get non-immigrant visa issued. It is for the people who are planning for a short visit to US.

However if you plan to live and work in the US you must get immigrant visa issued in the US embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Good to know is that some of the requirements for issuing immigrant visa in the US embassy in Pakistan is to have a relative, who is currently a US citizen or to have an employer in US, who is ready to apply on your behalf.