United States Embassy in Colombo: Sri Lanka

The embassy of the United States in Sri Lanka
The only place authorized by the US government to issue documents needed to enter the US is the US embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

There you will also receive all of the information needed about the current US immigration laws and regulations.

The visa issuing procedure
The documents needed to enter the United States are called visas and they will alow you to enter the boundaries of the US.

The visa is issued by a counselor officer in the US embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka only if the applicant meets certain qualifications. The visa issuing fee is $131 and the last thing you must do to get visa properly issued is to make sure that it will be delivered to you. Remember that you must schedule an appointment with the counselor officer.

Types Of Visa

There are two different types of visa issued. One is immigrant visa will allow you permanently reside in US and this visa is mainly issued for the people are planning to stay for very long period of time may be for work.

On the other hand non-immigrant visa only to temporarily reside in the US and this visa is for the people who want to stay for very short period of time maybe for vacation or any other thing.

Applying for both this type of visa is very simple, if you have some of your relatives or friends already residing in US for very long period of time.

What people can never get visas issued?
However not everyone is suitable for visa issuing by the US embassy in Sri Lanka. People who have:

  • Communicable diseases
  • Are on drugs
  • Have committed serious criminal offences
  • Have dangerous mental or physical disorders - Can never get visa issued. For more information about visa requirements visit the US embassy in Sri Lanka.