United States Embassy in Bamako: Mali

Where to get information about the required documents?
The only place where you can get proper information, about the current US immigration laws and regulations is the embassy of the United States in Mali.

Also this US government structure can get visa issued for you.

What does visa permits you?
The visa allows you to get to one of the points of entry in the US.

Such points are airports and harbors, where you will meet an officer from the Department of Homeland Security, who will decide if you meet all of the requirements to reside in the US.

Something to know about visas
The visas are issued by a counselor officer in the US embassy in Bamako, Mali, only if the visa applicant meets certain set qualifications. The visas issued are from 2 main categories - immigrant and non-immigrant. The immigrant visa will allow you to permanently reside in the US.

However for getting such visa, the applicant must have relatives, who are US citizens or an employer in the US, who is ready to apply on the applicant’s behalf. Another option for you to get immigrant visa issued is to take part in a lottery game organized by the US government.

The second visa type is the non-immigrant ones that will allow you to temporarily reside in the US, mainly issued for example to students or international travelers.

For more information about visa issuing and procedures contact the US embassy in Bamako, Mali.