United States Embassy in Athens: Greece

Information about USA immigrant laws
The USA is one of the top destinations to international travelers and immigrant, for that reason the US authorities require all the persons traveling to the US, to meet certain requirements. More information about them you can get in every US embassy all over the World.

General information about the US embassy in Athens, Greece
The embassy of the United States in Greece is located in the capitol Athens.

There you will be properly informed about all the requirements set by the US immigration laws and also you can get visa issued.

Visa information, types and some requirements
The visa is the only document that will allow you to enter the United States. It is issued by counselor officer in the US embassy in Athens, Greece. Important to remember is that you first need to schedule such appointment and on it you must bring some documents required. The visas are separated into 2 main types.

The immigrant visa will allow you to reside in the US permanently, and this type of visa if for the people who to visit US for longer period of time, for work or any other thing. On the other hand is non-immigrant visa and this type of visa allows you to reside in the US temporarily and this type of visa is for the people who want to stay for not very long period.

It is for the people who are planning to go to US for vacation or for short duration. It is very easy to get both this type of visa, if you have someone residing in US. Another option available to get immigrant visa issued is participate in a lottery game, which is organized by the government of the US. For more information regarding visas contact the US embassy in Greece.