United States Embassy in Amsterdam: Netherlands

The US embassy in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The embassy of the United States in Netherlands offer all of the information concerning the current US immigration laws and requirements and also there are special counselor officers that will get you a visa issued, if you meet all of the requirements for it.

The visa types
The visa type that you will get issued in the US embassy in Netherlands depends on the time you want to spend in the US and also on the purpose of your journey.

Immigrant visa will allow you permanently reside in US and this visa is mainly issued for the people are planning to stay for very long period of time may be for work.

On the other hand non-immigrant visa only to temporarily reside in the US and this visa is for the people who want to stay for very short period of time maybe for vacation or any other thing can apply for such type of visa. Applying for both this type of visa is very simple, if you have some of your relatives or friends already residing in US for very long period of time.

The Visa Waiver Program
The Visa Waiver Program is offered by the US embassy in Amsterdam, Netherlands and concerns all of the Netherlands citizens that want to travel to the US. The program is handled by the government for the purpose of helping people who want to go to US for work or any other purpose.

The main idea of this program is that if you want to spend no more than 90 days in the US, you won’t need to get visa issued and this is one very thing.

More information about the current requirements and procedures of visa issuing is available at the US embassy in Amsterdam, Netherlands.